Sunday, March 14, 2010

Raising Chickens - How Important Are Quality Chicken Coop Plans?

To those folks who have never raised chickens before, the whole idea of keeping wild fowl in your back yard all seems a bit strange. They do not realise the amount of dedication of the keepers and the time that is involved in raising these birds from when they hatch until they become full grown adults and beyond is more than keeping a small dog for example.

The rewards for me are far greater though, as the wait for that very first hatched egg becomes reality, it makes the whole experience from choosing and buying a compatible flock, building your coops and chicken arks plus generally tending your chicks 24/7 truly worthwhile.

Choosing compatible breeds is very important and the very first undertaking you have to do before you decide on how best to house your birds. As any farmer will tell you, building a quality home for your chickens is absolutely essential not just for the sake of your flock but for the keeper as well.

Your coop must be practical but designed in such a way as to maximise your birds egg production. It has to be made so that your baby chickens cannot escape when unattended and become exposed to all sorts of predators.

There are also feeding and breeding issues to consider when choosing how to design your chicken house. Do you need a moveable ark as well as a fixed construction that will be able to withstand the rigorous of winter yet be cool enough in a baking hot summer?

There are so many things to consider when constructing your chicken coop that cannot be fully explained in such a short article however I strongly believe that by getting your hands on some high quality, easy to follow plans that include simple step by step instructions on everything from choosing your design to sourcing material, right through to the final build and beyond is the absolute best way to proceed.

Get quality chicken coop plans and you will save so much time and the results will be pure poultry paradise.

Build your coop the easy way. Get Quality chicken coop plans, save a ton of time and get it right first time.