Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Make your Chickens Happy?

It is not a million dollar question. You can simply make your chicken happy by cleaning the coop regularly, an easier time for you and better overall results. You should do this process of complete cleaning of your chicken coop twice per year.

The Cleaning Process

You can clean easily twice a year if your chicken coop is designed properly. It really shouldn't be a huge chore.

You'll want to do a thorough job, when you do clean the coop, which means the cleaning process should include bedding material from nest boxes also.

Try to sweep up each and every loose material from all areas.

You should remove the waterers and feeders from the coop and clean it with perfect disinfectant. If possible dry them in direct sunlight before you put them back.

Regularly check the coop for dryness of litter material, which means you should avoid dampness. Dampness in litter is a precursor of all kind of chicken diseases. Periodically checking the nesting materials to make sure they aren't damp is important.

Some of the backyard chicken raisers don't prefer nesting materials inside the nest box. It is your personal choice. But if you use litter material inside the nest box, you need to make sure it isn't damp.

Do remember that chicken waste is an excellent manure for your composite, lawn and garden. Make use of it properly.

Completely disinfect the coop with proper disinfectants like Bleaching powder after completely removing the litter material. Make sure that you have rinsed everything really well and that it is dry before you let the chickens back in!

This whole cleaning process will hardly take 2 hours. I think you don't mind to spend this couple of hours for every six months to keep your chicken happily in the chicken coop.

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