Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Build a Chicken Coop with Appropriate Ventilation?

I’m sure we all agree that our chickens need to breathe but this is not why I have included this section to talk about. There are a number of underlying reasons as to why good air circulation in your chicken coop will keep your chickens healthy.

Appropriate ventilation will ensure that the excess dampness will escape from the coop that in turn reduces the humidity levels allowing your chickens to easily breathe. Another reason is the fact that ammonia may build up in the chicken coop due to the chicken feces causing them discomfort and at times health issues.

Finally, the chicken bedding on the floor will, at times, contain oils that can cause respiratory infections for your chickens if you do not provide them with sufficient ventilation. That is why I highly encourage you to carefully assess any underlying factors that may be harmful to your chickens when following guides on how to build a chicken coop.