Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Optimal Egg Yields Are Directly Proportional to Best Chicken Coop

Wanna continuous optimal egg yield on long-term basis from your hen? Then you should have a perfect chicken coop. The laying behavior is seriously affected by the chicken coop design, position and size of your own chicken coop. Here you can get simple construction ideas for building your own chicken coop.

You can get at least 5 eggs per week from a healthy and relaxed chickens in optimal environment. In addition, the total number of eggs produced per hen depends on the breed of the hen. The top 4 things, which ensure maximum egg yield includes-

1) Providing natural vegetation like grass, plants, vines, etc. inside the chicken coop.

2) Covered, warm and secured nesting area.

3) Adequate running space.

4) Good sunlight especially during in the morning.

What is the Right Size Of The Chicken Coop?

You should build a correct size coop for your chicken. Each and every chicken do require 4 sq. ft. You should provide a run within an enclosed area of the chicken coop. Moreover, the number of nest required per 10 hens is only one.

Try to ensure these simple basic conditions in your chicken coop. Once you satisfied these principles, your beloved chickens will remain comfortable, blissful and in the perfect mood to give a consistent, solid amount of eggs.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Get To Know About Chicken Coop

A chicken coop is nothing but a structure in which live chickens are maintained in the backyard chicken farm. It is also called as a chicken shack or chicken house by few chicken breeders.

Chicken Coop Materials

Most of the chicken breeders build their own chicken coop using wood, straw, and chicken wire. These materials can easily be available at your local lumber / hardware store. When I built my first chicken coop with my children, I used a few wood pieces and tiny frame of chicken wire at the top.

Actually we built this simple chicken coop for two new day old chicks we got from the nearby farm. I redesigned my chicken coop as our flock grew after reading a simple e-book on "How to build your own chicken coop?"

I inquired the near-by store for buying a ready-made chicken coop. The cost of each chicken coop ranging from $200 to $500 dollars range.

I refused to procure those overrated chicken coops from the store and constructed a coop with raised platform. I succeeded and for the past few days, I am raising pet chickens effortlessly. By this process of building my own chicken house, I saved nearly 250 dollars, which is a big money during this economic crisis period.

Happy Cooping!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How To Build A Simple Chicken Coop?

If you're a person who is going to rear few chicken, you may ask - How to build a simple chicken coop. I have asked this question and searched the web to get suitable answer.

Finally found out an e-book, which teaches me about building chicken coop at free of cost. So, I have decided to reveal this secret to you. The below video teaches you how to build a simple chicken coop.This is an unique video, which means you don't need to take chances with a written guide, just follow the simple step by step video that leaves no room for error!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I Recommend Dan Kennedy's Guide On Build Your Own Chicken Coop?

You may think that this is another clickbank promotion product. No you're wrong! I bought this book and built my own chicken coop. I am well satisfied.

Actually I was nearly ready to give up on the idea of a chicken coop as I have not really got the budget for a brand new one. Then only I was recommended by my friend to have a look at this book. I bought this book online and found that building chicken coop is really within my limit. Now my new coop looks great and the video instructions made it super easy even for me.

That's why I do want to review this fantastic e-book on "how to build a chicken coop". I am damn sure that this guide can help you save a lot of money and time in the process of making your own coop.

Most of the coop builders think that constructing chicken coop is a Herculean task. No!!! You can end up in a worst coop, which may be due to lack of foresight and experience. You can overcome these difficulties by reading this manual on building your own chicken coop. Awesome videos will made you to love your coop.

This guide will made you to make your own coop within three days and even make your wife to give you a nice smile!

If you did more mistakes, your coop will be no longer useful to your precious birds. So this will cost you both in money, extra work, and time. This e-book will help you to avoid these mistakes.

This simple expert guide will show the correct way to construct your own chicken coop. You can do things, step by step, along with chicken coop tips, chicken house designs and plans.

Using Dan Kennedy's manual can assist you evade time consuming and costly mistakes, facilitate you save money on construction material, and show you how to make a chicken coop to be proud of.

For these reasons, I recommend this guide: Make Your Own Chicken Coop

Friday, June 26, 2009

How To Make A Chicken Coop?

You can make your chicken coop within three days. Yes!!! I am not bluffing. Recently I read an e-book and simple built my chicken coop with no fuss.

This e-book is very simple! You can simply make your own chicken coop with the help of the manual you're going to download at the end of this article. It covers all aspect of the plan including cross-sectional. Even you can get a step-by-step video which explains how to build chicken coop in three days.

If you build your own chicken coop, you can save at least 50% of the chicken coop building cost. During this recession period, it is not a simple money. If you are going to build a large coop, you can save few hundred bucks.

The tools necessary to build the coop are handsaw, hammer, drill, etc. Even a person with no idea about chicken coop can build the same with ease.

You can get a preview video of how to make your chicken coop by clicking the link below-

If you buy this e-book on "Make Your Own Chicken Coop", you will get numerous free reports, which includes-

  • Simple strategy to get started with chicken rearing
  • How to buy new borne chicks
  • How to Hatch eggs?
  • Brooding management tips (0-2 months)
  • Grower Management tips (2- 5 months)
  • Layer Management Tips ( above 5 months)

You can get a video also at free of cost- how to make your own chicken coop?

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