Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There is no Role of Roosters in the Egg Formation

Yes!!! The title of this article is 100 per cent correct and also you read it correctly. Most of us don’t know the fact that the rooster is not required to produce egg within the hen. Many animals including human beings need no male partners to produce eggs. Egg production is a physiological phenomenon of a female of a mammal. The partner is only needed to fertilize the eggs. In other words, the table purpose eggs don’t require cocks in a chicken coop.

If you’re going to use the eggs for table purpose only, you don’t need males in your coop. On other hand, if you do require eggs for hatching, then you should have at least one male for 10-20 females in your chicken coop.

My advice for the first timers of raising chicken is that they don’t require roosters for their backyard farm because the roosters not only going to produce fertilized egg, but also waking up to the lovely sound of a rooster crowing in the morning. Moreover, the roosters crow throughout the day, which will bother you and your neighbours.