Monday, November 7, 2011

Protecting your Chicken within Chicken Coop

By now I am of the firm opinion that you should be having sufficient knowledge on the chicken coop, building material, building process etc. you should also know how to protect the chickens housed inside. If this knowledge is lacking the very purpose of the chicken coop idea will go awry. The chickens housed should be comfortable and must have sufficient light and ventilation. The chickens should be protected from the predators.

One must be wondering what he or she should do to protect the chickens housed in the chicken coop. here are few information on that. If the chickens are not protected, the predators will come at them sooner than latter. For this one should have clear idea about the potential predators of the chicken at that area. The predators are the creatures like foxes, larger dogs, coyotes, rodents etc. these predators may try to enter the chicken coop by digging the ground around the fence there by getting entry. In case you are at a new place and are not aware of the predators roaming around in those area, just have a discussion with the person living nearby and request his experience with the predator. The knowledge of the predator will help you to design the plan to thwart the attempt of the predator, is it not?


It is very essential to select the best location for planning a chicken coop. we have already discussed about the landscape required for the chicken coop, but not have discussed about the location proximity to the house of the owner. The chicken coop placed closer to the house of the owner is the best. If the chicken coop is within the eye range, the owner or the attendant could reach the coop faster to chase away the predator. Portable chicken coops are very useful here as they can be moved inside the house at night there by preventing the predator attack to bare minimum.

Type of fence

The type of fence is vital in protecting the chicken from the predators. For this one should be aware of the predator living nearby. Depending on the type of predator the chicken coop fence needs to be planned. In case the predators are digging animals then, design the chicken coop at ground level so that the digging predator can not perform his act effectively to reach to the chickens. In case you are anticipating larger animals attack, the fence of the chicken coop should be sturdy enough to withstand the force of the predator.

That is why we are of the opinion that the person who is planning to have chicken coop should follow proper guide lines so that he or she can construct a chicken coop which attractive and at the same type good enough to protect the chickens from the predators.

So the best advise we want to give to those want to have chicken coop is that they should be always keep in mind the protection of the chickens. Building very attractive looking chicken coop will not suffice. If the predator damages the coop and take away the chicken the entire plan will go waste. The money spent on will be an absolute waste. Hence plan a chicken coop properly.


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  3. As I was looking at a variety of chicken coops, I noticed the ceramic barn scene on your coop. I did one similar to that in the 70's and it is still in my parents cabin!