Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dog Family Members That Are Top Chicken Coop Predators

Do you know there are only three breeds of dog that are top chicken coop predators? Yes!!! Chicken coop predators are the most problematic thing for the chicken coop owners. You should know what dog predators you have in your community. The top chicken coop predator breeds of dog are

1. Fox

2. Coyote

3. Domestic dogs of Neighbors

Instead of shooting these predators, provide a trap or keep the coop coyote-proof. Try to build the coop with solid wood because these predators can bite and break the wood to gain entry into the coop to prey the chickens.

Coyote will try to dig hole in the outside area of the coop and try to capture the chicken inside the coop by opening the hole inside the coop. Hence the flooring should be concrete to prevent the burrowing of the floor. More over, if there are any holes inside the hole try to seal the holes with necessary material to prevent the entry of these dreadful chicken coop predators. Happy Cooping!!!

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