Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Choose Perfect Chicken Coop Kits?

Have you ever visited the marketplace to shop a new chicken coop kits? You would have seen so many types of chicken coop kits in the shops. If you have never bought a chicken coop for your use, it would be a Herculean task to choose a perfect one. So, before get into the marketplace, you should know few things to pick a quality one above the rest.


Select Proper lighting kits. Lighting is essential not only to give light, but also act as a good source in the winter seasons. Electric light is the proper chicken coop kit for your coop.

Wire Mesh

The wire mesh should be thick enough to protect the inmates from predators. So buy a thick wire mesh. Your primary objective of choosing this chicken coop kit is to protect your chickens from pesky predators.


Try to place sliding windows to provide necessary quality air ventilation to your chickens. Proper ventilation will help to get fresh air for the chickens as well as to get rid of ammonia smell built inside the coop.

Chicken Coop Flooring Material

Poor chicken coop floor design will make your life as well as your chickens life more miserable. In order to keep the floor clean and tidy, you should use a perfect material that is not getting burrowed by the predators as well as slightly sloped towards the main door. You can easily hose out the debris at least once in 15 days.

Although there few more things to look before starting your own chicken coop, these four chicken coop kits are most important to consider. Happy Cooping!!!

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