Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Are The Perfect Chicken Coop Kits?

I have decided to build my own chicken coop for my family in the backyard. So I Googled and found that an e-book with all details especially with video - how to build a chicken coop is available online. Hats off to CHRIS!

But I found difficulty in choosing perfect chicken coop kits. I researched a lot to find ideal chicken coop kits. I am going to disclosing those hard earned tips for you. They are-

1. Proper Lighting

Lighting is an essential thing for a chicken coop. Most of us think that proper lighting in a coop is to get perfect vision of feed by the chickens. No! Lighting will act as a perfect source of heat during cold seasons.

2. Thick Wire Mesh

This is the next important kit for a coop. The wire mesh should be strong enough to withstand the biting activity of predators. Yes!!! A strong wire mesh protectant will keep pesky predators at bay.

3. Perfect Ventilation

Your chicken require quality air. This can be achieved y proper ventilation only. Even you can provide sliding windows to get pure air for the chickens inside the coop.

4. Perfect Floor

The floor of your coop should be slightly sloped in order to facilitate easy cleaning and easy maintainence. Poor craftmanship and faulty designs can really make your chickens lives as well as your life miserable. Hence don't compromise with the floor.The sloping of the floor will help to hose out the chicken coop very easily as the water will get out the coop immediately, instead of puddling in center.

Be sure to adhere to these things while building chicken coop. If you provide a perfect coop for your chicken, your chickens will provide fresh eggs daily without any hesitant. Happy Cooping!!!

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