Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Is The Perfect Floor Space In A Chicken Coop?

This is the most asked question by any new chicken coop builder. You should know the answer for this question before planning to build a new chicken coop in your backyard. Your chicken need a perfect floor space to lead a healthy and happy life in its lifetime.

If you are planning to rear 20 chickens, the floor space should be 80 square foot. You should not skimp on space. Yes! If possible you can allocate more space inside the coop to facilitate to rear more chicken in future due course.

In other words, you must provide 4 square foot space per chicken. If you reduce the floor space than the prescribed level, you will end up in various problems including overcrowding, cannibalism, pneumonia and bronchitis.
Never overcrowd your coop! Otherwise, your chickens may lost its quality of life by fighting among themselves and lead to feather picking, which may lead to CANNIBALISM.

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