Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make Your Chicken Comfortable By Building Your Own Chicken Coop

Building your own chicken coop
is very easy, but providing comfort to your chicken should be your priority. You should take utmost care to inspect the construction plans before starting to build a chicken coop.

Though you have spent more money to buy a ready-made coop, it should provide perfect environment for the chickens to lay more eggs. Otherwise it will be waste of material, money and time.

How To Build Comfortable Coop?

It is not a difficult task. You should provide enough space for the chicken to move around (say, 4 sq.ft per chicken). So ascertain the number chickens you're going to rear in the coop before building the same. This will help you to fix the correct floor space of your coop.

If you want more eggs from your chicken, you should provide proper space. Neither more space nor less space will help your chicken to lay more eggs.

Overcrowding will cause the chicken to loss weight and ultimately, there will be loss of egg production.

If you provide more space, the chicken will roam more frequently and the energy will be wasted for the activity and the number of eggs per bird will get reduced. More over, it will consume more feed also.

You can make your chicken more comfortable by providing perch in the coop. The perch should be placed just 8 inches above the ground level. Absence of perches will make the birds to perch on the feeders or in the nesting boxes and it will defecate on the places where you don't want to have them.

You should provide one nesting box per six chickens. This is the thumb rule. Your chicken will feel secure and comfortable, if the chicken box provides dark environment. The nesting material includes straw shavings, which should be 4 inches thickness inside the nest box. Nesting material will help you to get perfect white/brown eggs without any damage.

With these tips and helpful guidelines, you can always make your own chicken coops that are more productive and comfortable.


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