Friday, July 31, 2009

Common Problems in Buiding Chicken Coop

Nowadays most of the home garden owners prefer to build their own chicken coop. If you're one among them, you came to the right place at right time. Without proper plan, you can't start any building including chicken coop. If you start building chicken coop without plan, you'll end up with numerous problems.

Common Problems

The common problems in building chicken coop are problems with location, problem with lighting and problem with space.

Problem with Location

The chicken coop should be located in the place where there is no stagnation of water during rainy season because your chicken will be subjected to various diseases if they have been exposed to inclement weather.
Problem with light
Providing right sized windows in correct location will help the chickens to get enough light and good ventilation. If the windows are being fitted in wrong position, you need to provide extra lighting by electric bulb which will increase the monthly electricity bill.

Problem with space

You should not compromise with space because space directly affects the egg production. If you provide less space, there is possibility of cannibalism and pecking behavior.

Learn these points and draw a proper plan before start building your own chicken coop, ALL THE BEST!!!

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