Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The ABC of Wooden Chicken Coop

Do you know the wooden chicken coop is best of all? In tropical countries, the chicken coops are made out of stones and sand. This is not good for temperate and cool countries. The wooden chicken coop is the most perfect one for your young chickens.

How To Build Wooden Chicken Coop?

Before building wooden chicken coop, you should know about the size of the coop. If you are going to rear large number of chickens, you need a bigger wooden chicken coop. The major problem with the newbies are they will start with a smaller coop. But the number of chickens will be increased in due course, which will make them to dismantle the current one to switch over to bigger coops. So you should make up your mind to build a larger chicken coops.

Types of Wooden Chicken Coops

At present there are three types of chicken coops. They are-

1. Small and Portable
2. Medium Sized Coop
3. Premium Sized Coop

1. Small and Portable Chicken Coops

This is nothing but a small and simple cage with three sides. This will be perfect gift for the kid who is going to raise 2-3 chickens. But this coop is not a healthy one as the inhabitants will suffer from different diseases due to poor ventilation.

2. Medium Sized Coop

The main advantage of this coop is its portability. This is more or less a cage type of housing for chickens. More over this type is more friendlier to the birds and also help them to produce more eggs than the previous one.

3. Premium Sized wooden Chicken Coop

If you're intended to raise chickens for years together, this is a perfect fit. This is nothing but a huge chicken house with good ventilation for the wellbeing of the birds. You can place required quantity of nest boxes to collect clean and healthy eggs.

So, it is your decision to choose which type of wooden chicken coop for the birds of your preference. Happy Cooping!!!

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