Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Level Tips To Build A Chicken Coop In Your BackYard

Yester years I have found no one in my street prefer to rear hens. Now, most of the households in my street have built chicken coop in the backyard. I have asked my neighbor she immediately responded and informed that she is building chicken coops because they're easy to keep and will provide fresh eggs for her all year round. So I was convinced and ready to start to build chicken coop on my own.

I searched the Internet and found the following points are important to build a chicken coop in backyard.

1. Safety First

Don't compromise with the safety of your chicken coop because poor safety may lead to loss of chickens form your coop. The main culprits that cause damage to your chickens are weather and foxes in the backyard at night.

You should position the hen coop off the ground and should face the sun so that your coop will get dried off quickly. Your chicken house should have good ventilation especially during hot periods or summer. You should open the windows or door during hot periods to get good ventilation. So you should provide them in the coop.

The outside run should be built in such a way that no other animals can enter into the run area. In addition to this, the run area should be protected with chicken wire, which should be dug deep enough to prevent the entry of predators like Bandicoots.

2. Lighting

Next to ventilation, your chicken requires light. The best way o obtain required light is building the coop in the place where it gets sufficient sunlight during daytime. In addition to this, you should provide proper lighting during night time by providing one ceiling light for a smaller coop that houses 10 chicken or more light for larger coops.

3. Easy Cleaning

You should build chicken coop in such a way that it is amenable for easy cleaning. If you build chicken coop base at a slight angle, you can easily drain out the water after cleaning. You should use a design that help you to clean easily as it will save a lot of hassle in the long run. If you want to see various designs of chicken coop available to build, please get into this e-book on " HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN CHICKEN COOP".

Have a Happy Coop for Chicken!!!

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