Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chicken Feeders and Waterer's In a Chicken Coop

So, you have decided to build your own chicken coop. Then, this is the high time to get to know about the details of feeders and waterer's in your chicken coop. If you decided the correct size and device for watering and feeding, you can save more time during the day to feed your chickens.

If you want to keep your chicken flock healthy and happy, you should keep the feeding troughs of your chicken coop clean and filled with their favorite foods. If you haven't provide proper feed and water, your chicken would be skinny and bony.


The chicken waterer's and feeders should be placed conveniently inside the chicken coop for easy access. Moreover, you should place required number of feeders and waterer's to avoid overcrowding of chickens around them. Both the feeders and waterer's should be hung at the average chicken's height in order to avoid wastage as well as preventing them to get dirt. Just make sure to keep the waterer's full of fresh clean water throughout the day.

Chickens are not aware of dirt water or feed. They will consume the contaminated water and feed and will loose their life without giving any output. So you should learn how to place the waterer's and feeders in a recently build chicken coop.

The water and feed should be positioned away from the perch in order to avoid contamination. You can also get DIY water and feeder at the click of the mouse. Yes!!! These are available online also!

If you want a home-made waterer's, you can modify a plastic bucket of 5 gallons capacity to hang them from the top. This is cheap and best for chicken at chicken coop. I have posted the pictures of home made waterer's and feeders below for your easy reference.

If you're going to build your own chicken coop, make sure how you're going to feed and provide water to your chickens. Happy Cooping!!!


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