Monday, September 6, 2010

Chicken Coop Vs Respiratory Disease

Are you having chicken coop? Then you should aware about the health risks which can affect your family. Yes!!! Our main aim to build a cheap chicken coop is to get fresh and nutritious eggs and chicken meat for our family. But the chicken droppings unattended in the coop may lead to respiratory disease both for the occasional handler as well as the person directly involved in the daily care of the bird.

There are two types of respiratory disease that affect the human beings viz., histoplasmosis and psittacosis (especially affect the daily bird handlers). The persons get infected by these fungi spores, which grow in the droppings. While cleaning the coop, the spores become airborne and infect the chicken coop cleaners.


If a person is infected with any of these diseases, they will develop respiratory distress, dyspnea, and symptoms of flu. If they haven't treated, the condition may progress and leads to pneumonia and death. The person infected with histoplasmosis will loss his eyesight.

1. The simple technique to prevent this condition is to remove the chicken droppings daily i.e. when they are fresh. The spores will be developed in the dried droppings only.

2. Before cleaing the chicken coop, do mist the coop with a hose to minimize dust and airborne spores. It is always advisable to wear full-face respirator instead of dust mask as the former won't provide perfect protection against dust.

3. Disposal of chicken droppings should be made properly - Incinerating or burying the chicken droppings is highly recommended.

So, If you do all these, you will be adequately rewarded with hale and healthy body despite having a chicken coop in your backyard. Happy Cooping!!!!

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