Thursday, September 9, 2010

Snake in your Chicken Coop- How to Deal with?

Snake in a chicken coop is a BIG menace in the backyard chicken coop. Getting snakes out of the chicken coop is really a Herculean task. Here you can find three simple ways to get rid of snakes from your chicken coop.

1. Snakes are entering into chicken coop not for eating eggs as most of the snakes are not adopted for this action. They gain entry into the chicken coop for getting enough heat to keep their body warm as they are cold blooded aninal. You cansend the snakesaway from the coop by incremental increasing of the temparature of the room any fire hazards.

2. You can buy a ready made snake repellent Snake-Away, which is readily available in the market. This is most successful among the most of the chicken coop owners. This product is having a gel like substance which sticks at the bottom of the snake. This made the snakes to avoid the place of chicken coop to reside in the cool time of the day.

3. You can build your own snake trap to capture the snake.Take a long PVC pipe with 4 inches dia. The length may be as long as the snake you want to catch. Buy a cheap Funnel that perfectly fits into the pipe i.e the dia of the funnel should be more than that of the pipe dia. Cut the narrow end of the funnel and fix the funnel into the one end of the pipe using duct tape. With duct tape, tape the funnels to the pipe so that the skinny ends are sticking into the inside of the pipe.

Now place the trap where you think the snakes will go- Base boards or any where else. The snakes will get trapped into the pipe as they will not be intelligent enough to back up and lift its head to find its way back.

Have a Happy Snake-free Cooping!!!

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