Sunday, September 5, 2010

A simple design of chicken coop for predator proof

Are you a small poultry operators? Then you would be the usual victims of predatory birds. Yes!!! Then you should build a chicken coop of predator proof. The major poultry operators keep their birds most of the time in total confinement. That's why their chickens are not being attacked by the predators.

If your area is surrounded by most of the birds of prey like eagles and hawk, the best thing you can do is build a secure enclosure that can serve as the bird's free range area.

If there are birds of prey in your area, like hawks and eagles, then it is a good idea to build a secure enclosure which can serve as the birds’ free range area.

Predator proof chicken coop designs are mostly depends on your flock size, approximately three sq.ft.per bird. If you have 200 birds, for example, your pen size should be at least 30x20 ft in area.

The essential considerations you should keep in mind while keeping and caring for your chickens include adequate food supply, fresh water, clean chicken coop and secured roaming. In addition to this,you should build cheap chicken coop without spending too much of money in building chicken coop.

If you do all these, you'll be blessed with cheap, nutritious, and fresh eggs daily and chicken meat for your family during this period of economic recession.

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