Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choosing What type of Chicken Coop do You Require...

I hope you are struggling to figure out the right type of chicken coop at the moment. Not to ponder much. You can build many types of chicken coop, there is no issue on that but you should be very clear about the requirements of the birds for the best possible performance. It is you who is planning to spend money on the chicken and hence you have every right to build the one that suits you and matches with your interest without affecting the comfort of the chicken. There are certain facts one should take in to consideration before planning the type of the chicken coop. I hope the guide lines listed below will lead to the right path.


The size of the chicken coop is the first and fore most factors one should consider. There are small coops, medium coops and also large chicken coops and each one of the will house fixed number of chicken according to the size. If you try to cramp too many chickens in a coop and that will be a Himalayan blunder and hence never think on those lines. This is very much required as each chicken will require sufficient space to feel them comfortable to lay eggs without any hindrance. The size of the chicken coop can be too big but should never be too small, please remember this. If the chicken coop is too big, you can easily correct this by adding few more chickens.

Portable versus fixed

The next question that will arise is whether to have the chicken coop fixed or to have one that is portable. The portable coops can be moved from one place to the other without much hassle and this type is best suited for the ones who like to have the chicken as pets. The chicken will get fresh floor with each and every movement of the chicken coop. The owner will find it easy for cleaning the chicken coop. In case you are planning chicken coop with structural integrity, then one has to opt for fixed chicken coop as fixed coops will withstand the wear and tear better than portable chicken coop.


The appearance of the chicken coop is also very important factor. There is myriad number of designs available as far as the chicken coop design is concerned. The design should be selected to match within the budget you have in hand. As the design is very much related to the money, one should think aloud before selecting the chicken coop design. There are so many cheaper models available. One can select any one of them but care should be taken that such design should never be a discomfort to the birds. Please try to have all the information about the chicken coop well before starting the construction. This will prevent the money being wasted on unwanted delay, change of minor structures etc

Dear friend, I hope the guide lines discussed here, is useful to you for the construction cost effective, comfortable, performance boosting chicken coop.

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