Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Keep your Chicken Safe?

Do you want to keep your chicken safe? If so, please go on reading this simple article on “how to keep your chicken safe?

Predators are predominant in both rural and urban. The simple theory to keep your chicken safe is to secure the pen or chicken coop as strong as possible.

  • Try to use as many security measures as possible your budget will allow.
  • You can make the foundation of the chicken coop up to 30 cm deep.
  • It is highly advisable to give lining to the floor of your coop with chicken wire or concrete.
  • Screens and wire of the chicken coop should be checked regularly for holes and tears
  • Try to close windows and doors tightly

The other simple way to protect your chicken against predator is to use watch dog to guard the flock from predators.

The common predators of chicken are Geese, donkeys, Ilamas and alpacas as they scare the chickens. Make sure that the dog you’re using to protect your chicken is placid type and won’t chase the chickens.

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