Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Keep Chicken coop Building Cost Down?

In the last article on we discussed about the factors one should keep in mind while deciding about the type of chicken coop one want to build. One should concentrate on keeping the cost of the construction minimum. To do so there are certain key factors that are required to be kept in mind so that the bird’s comforts are not compromised.

In this article we are going to discuss more about the materials required for building the chicken coop. this way you will understand more about the materials that you are going to use for the construction of chicken coop which will reduce the cost of construction considerably. In general many are of the opinion that one need to use costly material to build the coop successfully. But in reality that is not true. For the building of chicken coop one can think of using so many materials like scrap lumber, 50 gallon barrels, recycled materials, old shed, PVC pipes etc.

Most of the people are going in for wood for constructing the chicken coop. there are no qualms in using the wood but the only disadvantage is that it is very costly. Hence one should weigh the pros and cons of using the wood before deciding on that. If you want the chicken coop for long years then you should go about using the wood without any hesitation. There are so many wood varieties available which can be used for building the chicken coop. some woods are very costly and some are not priced high. One can select the wood based on the budget allotted for building the chicken coop.

In case you are planning smaller chicken coop, just recycled timber is more than handy. One can think of using the scrap pieces of wood for building the chicken coop. there is no harm in doing that but one has to use nails to connect the scraps. At times you may not get the desired shape if you use more nails. If you are determined to go in for cost effective chicken coop, you should spend lot time in collecting the information about the materials that can be used to make coop, the type of the material and the cost of the same.

If considerable time is spent on the material selection, nearly half the cost of construction of the chicken coop can be reduced. Once the material is selected one should go ahead with it and should never change the material half way for some reason or the other. If such things are done, the cost of construction will shoot up. Hence one should have complete building plan and the material required before starting the construction.

Money is not easy to make now a days. I hope you agree with me. Hence there is no way one should fritter away the hard earned money. Next time, let us discuss more about the factors to be considered to build the chicken coop that will last long and remain firm with very less depreciation.

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